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NHANES Wins NCHS Holiday Decorating Contest

DHANES folks are known to be a inventive and resourcefulness bunch, and those traits return through loud and clear when they face either challenges or competitions. Three times in an exceedingly row, those artists from DHANES won first place within the NCHS Holiday Decoration Contest. When asked why was his staff kept winning competitions, Division […]

Health Interview Data

The National Health Interview Survey collects information on all medically attended injuries and poisonings occurring to any family member throughout the 3-month amount prior to the interview. Data concerning the cause of the injury or poisoning episode, activity the person was doing at the time of the injury or poisoning episode, the place of prevalence, […]

Examine Usual Total Nutrient Intake from Supplements and Diet

Purpose The term “dietary intake” during this module will embrace foods and beverages reported on the twenty four-hour recollects additionally to supplement intake from the household interview. Researchers are usually fascinated by estimating the distribution of usual intake of dietary components for a population from all sources, as well as supplements. This module can target […]

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

The current National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is a continuous program starting in 1999. The survey interviews and examines a nationally representative sample of five,000 persons every year. These persons are located in counties across the country, 15 of that are visited each year. No geographic location was released in order to shield […]

Health and Nutrition and Examination Data

NHANES – Injury Summary NHANES is intended to collect data concerning the health and nutrition status of individuals in the United States. Knowledge items connected to injury will be found in many parts of the survey. Injury Connected Questions – NHANES 1999-Present Injury connected questions are asked in different sections of the survey. Please see […]

NCHS Data Brief

Key findings Data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 2006–2008 In 2006–2008, the majority of community medical institution (CHC) visits were created by Medicaid-insured or uninsured patients. Physicians delivered care at 69% of CHC visits, nurse practitioners (NPs) at 21percent of visits, physician assistants (PAs) at ninepercent of visits, and authorized nurse midwives (CNMs) […]

Letters of Endorsement

AARP Adobe PDF file Assistant Secretary for Aging Adobe PDF file American Baptist Churches of the South Adobe PDF file NAACP Adobe PDF file National Council of La Raza – English Adobe PDF file Social Security Administration – English Adobe PDF file, Spanish Adobe PDF file

Welcome NHANES Participant

What: This video explains what is involved for the sample participant when participating in NHANES. It includes examples of examinations conducted, benefits for participation, and further information about the survey. Why: This video was designed to promote interaction and to show sample participants some of the amazing benefits NHANES has to offer.

Major Activities and Developments

This new report by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) provides a detailed description of the history and organization of the Very important Statistics System in the United States. One section of the report could be a reprint of the first history of the Very important Statistics System as published by NCHS in 1950. […]

Relevant Quotes from William Farr

Humphreys, N.A. (Editor): Vital Statistics: A Memorial Volume of Selections from the Reports and Writings of William Farr. London, Sanitary Institute, 1885, p. 254-5. Reprinted for the New York Academy of Medicine by the Scarecrow Press, Inc., Metuchen NJ, 1975. All the preceding diseases are changed, and some are induced, by external agents, but the […]