Reports of Human Infections with Variant Viruses

The Minnesota Department of Health has reported detection of three infections with an influenza A H1N2 variant (“H1N2v”) virus with the pandemic M gene from the 2009 H1N1 virus. These cases were reportedly related to prolonged contact with pigs at a truthful. H1N2 viruses normally circulate in pigs, not individuals, however rare human infections with this virus have been detected within the past. This virus is different from the H3N2v virus that, as of nowadays, is reported to possess caused 296 human infections across 10 U.S. states since July 2012. These extra human infections underscore the actual fact that swine influenza viruses can spread to folks after shut contact with infected pigs, and support the importance of ongoing surveillance for both human and swine influenza viruses.

According to the state of Minnesota, every of the 3 folks infected with the H1N2v virus had exhibited pig(s) or spent prolonged time with pig(s) at the Minnesota State Fair. Two of the 3 people had underlying health conditions that placed them at high risk of great flu complications; one in all the 2 folks with high risk factors was hospitalized, highlighting once more the importance of the CDC recommendation that people with high risk factors avoid close contact with pigs and pig arenas at fairs this season. All three individuals have recovered from their illnesses.