Workplace Safety and Health

Bicycle Saddles and Reproductive Health
NIOSH worked with several police departments with bicycle patrols to conduct reproductive health research. In these studies, NIOSH did a lot of than assess a downside; it additionally tested a solution. Many bicycle saddle makers have developed saddles without protruding noses. NIOSH has investigated whether or not these saddles, which take away the pressure from the urogenital area, can alleviate any potential health problems.
Coal Employees’ Pneumoconiosis-Related Years of Potential Life Lost Before Age 65 Years – United States, 1968-2006
This report describes the results of an analysis, that indicate that in 1968-2006, a total of 22,625 years of potential life lost were attributed to coal employees’ pneumoconiosis.
Cops and Cars: Reducing Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Deaths in Motor Vehicle CrashesExternal Web Site Icon
Motor vehicle incidents and crashes are the leading explanation for occupational death among LEOs. CDC is proposing to conduct a population-primarily based, cross-sectional survey among LEOs within the State of Iowa to measure motor-vehicle safety practices, perceptions of these practices, and previous occupational motor-vehicle crashes.