Information for Healthcare Providers

Tips for Diagnosing and Treating DBAExternal Internet Site Icon
These pointers embrace diagnostic criteria, evaluation of current treatment choices such as corticosteroid and transfusion therapies and stem cell transplantation, and a proposition for optimizing patient care. Also presented are a review of congenital anomalies, genetics and reproductive decisions, cancer predisposition in patients with DBA, and management of pregnancy.

Free Materials for Patients
Read and print free educational materials to give to DBA patients, as well as a brochure, fact sheets on treatments, and a medical care notebook.

DBA Registry (DBAR)External Internet Site Icon
DBA is an very rare disorder and there are gaps within the understanding of the disorder. For this reason, the DBAR was established to collect clinical information on DBA patients and their families and offers participation in analysis protocols. DBAR is a research organization dedicated to acquiring, analyzing and disseminating info on DBA to affected people, their families and medical professionals. The DBAR has collected information on a lot of than 60zero patients in its database.