Biologics Branch

The Biologics Branch develops, produces, evaluates, or procures and distributes mammalian and insect cell cultures, cell lines, hybridomas, cell culture and microbiological media, chemical reagents, animal blood merchandise and in vitro diagnostic merchandise to CDC scientists for diagnostic and research functions.
Biologics Branch personnel frequently collaborate with CDC scientists in research and development programs in the areas of gene expression, subunit vaccines, nano-biotechnology, monoclonal antibodies, mammalian cell culture and in vitro diagnostic product and reagents to satisfy the present needs and future demands of CDC laboratories and external partners. The branch also provides support for the assembly of reagents and kits to support the CDC Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program and influenza virus surveillance.
Biologics Branch Activities
Give labs with mammalian cell cultures for in vitro pathogen growth and isolation
Give collaborative development and production of novel monoclonal antibodies and antibody purification and conjugation
Support laboratories with business and specialized media, buffers, and reagents
Collaborate on the cloning, expression, and characterization of unique gene products
Develop, produce, and distribute regulatory compliant reagents, reference controls, and in vitro diagnostics.