Specimen Management Branch

The Specimen Management Branch provides services for the movement of specimens to, from, and inside CDC, including receiving, triaging, processing, and distributing specimens to laboratories across CDC. SMB also tracks and accessions specimen data into a CDC enterprise LIMS system employed by CDC laboratories for reference diagnostic testing, research studies, and epidemics. Additionally, the branch reports diagnostic test results to submitting organizations.
The responsibility for managing all CDC exports and ensuring compliance with rules for shipping clinical specimens, infectious substances, and alternative materials lies among this branch. Additionally, SMB is the CDC liaison with the Department of Commerce for export-related problems.
SMB provides centralized specimen management services for diagnostic, reference, and outbreak investigations and maintains a bank of serum and alternative biological specimens of epidemiological and special significance to CDC’s analysis and diagnostic activities managing comprehensive inventory and tracking systems for specimen collections.
Specimen Management Branch Activities
Receive, triage, and coordinate final laboratory specimen check results to approved public health laboratories
Package and ship non-infectious and infectious substances, in vitro diagnostic kits, reference reagents, choose agents
Process serum and other biologic specimens for epidemiologic and analysis studies