Health and Nutrition and Examination Data

NHANES – Injury Summary
NHANES is intended to collect data concerning the health and nutrition status of individuals in the United States. Knowledge items connected to injury will be found in many parts of the survey.

Injury Connected Questions – NHANES 1999-Present
Injury connected questions are asked in different sections of the survey. Please see the Survey Contents to see the years the injury connected topic was covered.

Balance Section Adobe PDF file [PDF – seven KB]
Questions regarding falls
Osteoporosis Section Adobe PDF file [PDF – twelve KB]
Queries concerning fractures
Miscellaneous Pain Section Adobe PDF file [ PDF – 9 KB]
if pain, aching, stiffness, or swelling in or around a joint is due to an injury
Occupation Section Adobe PDF file [PDF – 22 KB]

Public Use Information
Questionnaires, Datasets, and Connected Documentation
Details of how to download and analyze the information will be found at NHANES Tutorial