NIOSH Skin Notation Profiles: Phenol

Phenol is potentially capable of inflicting both systemic toxicity and direct adverse effects on the skin following dermal exposure. A essential review of accessible information indicates that contact of a vital area of skin with subjectively low concentrations of phenol (5–6%) could be extraordinarily hazardous and life-threatening [ATSDR 2008]. Undiluted phenol or solutions containing more than three% phenol are capable of causing skin corrosion, whereas diluted solutions (1 to 3p.c phenol) are irritating to the skin [European Parliament 2008]. NIOSH has designated phenol with the following SK assignment: SK: SYS (FATAL)-DIR (COR). Table one provide an overview of the essential effects and information thought of in the development of this SK assignment. The following section provides extra detail concerning the potential health hazards of skin contact with phenol and the rationale behind the SK assignment.