Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program Public Data

As half of its ongoing respiratory disease surveillance program, NIOSH publishes periodic updates on patterns, trends, distributions, and clusters of medical outcomes of concern. Three of those reports concerned underground coal miners. The first, Rapidly Progressive Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis in the United States: Geographic Clustering and Other FactorsExternal Internet Site Icon (Antao V C dos S, E Petsonk, L Sokolow, A Wolfe, G Pinheiro, J Hale, and M Attfield. Occup Environ Med. 2005 October; sixty two(ten): 670–674) examined patterns of rapid disease progression in the varied coal fields round the United States. The second, Advanced Cases of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis – Two Counties, Virginia, 2006 (MMWR. August twenty five, 2006 / fifty five(33);909-913) targeted on 328 underground coal miners medically examined as part of the
Enhanced Coal Staff Health Surveillance Program (ECWHSP)and provided further details on eleven coal miners who exhibited speedy progression of coal staff’ pneumoconiosis (CWP) to severe disease. The third, Advanced Pneumoconiosis Among Operating Underground Coal Miners – Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia, 2006 (MMWR. July vi, 2007 / fifty six(twenty six);652-65five) provided the same report of knowledge for 975 participants from the ECWXSP however from a wider geographical space. This internet page serves to provide the underlying knowledge from these 3 reports. The files are provided in comma separated values (CSV) and SAS® format. In order to forestall identification of individuals, knowledge for cells from <five people are excluded. For this reason, statistics calculated from these data, and the amount of observations could be slightly different to those reported in the higher than publications.