Press Releases and Updates

This page options HHS and CDC press releases, and NIOSH “Updates” from the Director’s Office. NIOSH Updates describe important announcements of research summaries, workshops, conferences, new programs and different major news events.

Job Death Rates for sixteen-, seventeen-Year-Olds Comparable to or Higher Than Adult Rates for Leading Causes, NIOSH Finds (December sixteen, 1997)
NIOSH, BFI Team For Analysis Project On Drivers’ Field Of Vision When Backing Up
(November nineteen, 1997)
MSA Portal-PackĀ® Units Pose Significant User Risk, Should be Replaced Immediately With Certified Substitutes (November fourteen, 1997)
NIOSH Suggests Approaches on Shiftwork to Reduce Worker Fatigue, Stress (November four, 1997)
Scientists Convene For NIOSH National Symposium on Occupational Injury Prevention
(October fifteen, 1997)
NIOSH Studies On High-Tech Mining Safety Measures Presented At National Work Injury Analysis Conference (October 15, 1997)
NIOSH Researchers in Cincinnati, Morgantown, Receive Award for Outstanding Scientific Publications (October eight, 1997)
NIOSH Wins 1997 R&D one hundred Award (September 30, 1997)
NIOSH Announces Cooperative Agreement Creating National Children’s Center For Agricultural Injury Prevention (September twenty nine, 1997)
Survey Findings Highlight Continued Need in Tractor Safety (September 12, 1997)
NIOSH National Occupational Analysis Symposium OCT. 15-seventeen will Highlight New Analysis on Job Injury Prevention (September 12, 1997)
Results of NIOSH/OSHA “Effective Practices” Ergonomics Conference Now Available on Internet (August twenty nine, 1997)
Children of Construction Workers at Increased Risk for Lead Poisoning (August twenty eight, 1997)
NIOSH Conference on National Research Agenda Reviews Progress Under Partnerships, Further Opportunities (July one, 1997)
NIOSH Issues Major Critical Review of Science on Job Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
(July one, 1997)
NIOSH Alert On Work-Related Latex Allergy Recommends Steps To Reduce Exposures
(June 23, 1997)
NIOSH Highlights Young Worker Injury Prevention as Summer Employment Season Nears
(June 1997)
Practical Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders Highlighted in NIOSH Workplace Primer
(May 5, 1997)
Risk Factors for Injury in Robberies of Convenience Stores Examined in NIOSH Study (May, 1997)
NIOSH Launches National Analysis Program to Protect Children on Farms From Injury, Death
(April 21, 1997)
NIOSH-Supported Study Examines Substitutes for Silica Sand to Further Efforts in Silicosis Prevention (March 25, 1997)
Silicosis Prevention Furthered by NIOSH Pilot Program Aiding Identification of Cases in Seven Participating States (March 25, 1997)
Nancy A. Stout Named Director of NIOSH Safety Research Division (February twenty four, 1997)
Safeguards Against Carbon Monoxide Risk From Small Gasoline Engines Recommended By NIOSH, Partners (January 27, 1997)
NIOSH Warns: Improper Hitching to Tractors Will Be Fatal (January 14, 1997)
NIOSH Exploratory Study on Keyboard Design Finds No Major Differences in User Comfort, Fatigue (January eight, 1997)
Prevention of Job-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Draws National Audience at Conference Hosted by NIOSH, OSHA (January eight, 1997)