New Health and Safety Resource Guide Helps Small Business Owners Cut the Clutter

A new resource recently released by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) can help tiny business homeowners navigate the maze of occupational safety and health information. Small businesses represent a very important portion of the U.S. economy, but often aren’t ready to own staff dedicated solely to addressing worksite safety and health. The Tiny Business Safety and Health Resource Guide is meant to help time-pressed little business house owners wanting for resources on regulations, coaching materials, and suggestions.
The US Department of Commerce reports that 70p.c of workplaces use fewer than 20 individuals. Nonetheless these corporations, on average, suffer higher fatality rates compared to larger organizations according to a 2006 RAND report. Worksite safety and health is often delegated to the Human Resources Director or alternative employees who have extra job duties. This may produce a barrier for small businesses making an attempt to sift through technical safety and health documents to perceive what information is essential for them to understand.
“Little businesses play a key role in our economy, however they face many challenges in ensuring the protection and health of their workforce,” said NIOSH Director John Howard, M.D. “This guide serves as a important resource for tiny business and for example of how NIOSH works with our partners to ensure the protection and health of all workers.”
The Tiny Business Safety and Health Resource Guide contains summaries of and links to more than fifty websites created by business, tutorial, and government organizations. Each resource included was reviewed for relevance, simple use, price, and credibility. Based on readers’ feedback and their use of the guide, NIOSH will still update it to keep it current.