How to submit a manuscript

The journal Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) using Manuscript Central web site for manuscript submission and tracking them. However, before sending your manuscript we ask that, in addition to the information found in the requirements they must meet the manuscript, read the instructions that follow.

Write a cover letter indicating the type of item you are sending and the corroborating that the final manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors. The letter should declare any and all conflicts of interest. The statement should include any information on the professional or financial author that could be considered as factors that potentially affect the fairness of the manuscript affiliations. Financial conflicts include employment, wages, fees, payments for consulting, interests in shares or securities, expert testimony and intellectual property rights (eg, patents, royalties, copyrights). The letter must also confirm that in the manuscript all financial aid received for carrying out the work described in the article states. Send cover letter along with the manuscript.
Check the file that contains checklists for authors Archive Microsoft Word (DOC-113k) to make sure you have met all the requirements for authorship before starting the online submission process.
Submit your manuscript through the website PCD Manuscript CentralAclaraci? N on links to external websites.

You will receive an email response acknowledging receipt of your manuscript is acknowledged. The response will include the number of the manuscript. We ask you to refer to this number in all future correspondence