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Message from the Director of NIOSH
Diversity LogoWhen I visited the various NIOSH divisions and laboratories, I was pleased to hear regarding the interest within NIOSH in promoting diversity. Coming as I do from a state while not a racial or ethnic majority, I am well conversant in the worth that diversity plays in creating vibrant and productive workplaces.
John Howard Today, America features a very different face than it did in the past. We have a tendency to currently live in the foremost various country in the globe. This diversity is increasingly being reflected not only in our own workplace, but additionally, and, most significantly, in the population of workers that we tend to at NIOSH serve. NIOSH should mirror that same diversity.
This is the first time in NIOSH history that we have a tendency to have embarked upon an Institute-wide Diversity Initiative. I am confident that NIOSH will be a better Institute when it is a additional diverse Institute. And I grasp that you’ll be a part of me in making our Diversity Initiative a great success. Each folks incorporates a stake in enhancing diversity at NIOSH, and I encourage you to support our mutual efforts to enhance NIOSH’s diversity.
The leadership of NIOSH is committed to the belief of the variety vision at NIOSH through the accomplishment of the goals and strategies printed herein. The leadership recognizes that the successful achievement of the diversity vision depends on not solely its efforts, however conjointly the efforts of each NIOSH employee. Thus, the NIOSH Leadership Team, NIOSH Diversity Steering Council, and the NIOSH bargaining unit representatives can enlist the complete, collaborative support of our entire workforce to accomplish this vision. We recognize that everybody is responsible for building an organization that encourages, values, and effectively utilizes the diverse skills of its staff to provide world-class science and services to the general public.
Working together, I am confident that we can be in a position to achieve our strategic and variety performance goals.