2013 Spend Plan Preparation

To assist and support grantees with their programmatic and system data set-ups for getting ready their 2013 spend plans, the VTrckS Team is offering “2013 Pay Arrange Preparation” webinars on August a pair of, 2012. Grantees are highly inspired to participate in one of the scheduled webinars. Invitations to the webinars were sent to grantee users who previously registered for spend set up training sessions.
The webinars can embrace:
Demonstrations and discussion of latest functionality connected to budget and reports
A general refresher on spend set up set-up
In addition to the webinar, the VTrckS team can supply optional one:one sessions during August in which grantees could sign-up to “meet” with their vaccine advisor and a trainer employing a live meeting format to run through specific questions related to 2013 pay set up preparation.
The training webinars and one:one sessions can give additional support as you founded your 2013 spend set up in VTrckS. Grantees should continue to figure with their vaccine advisor as they normally would throughout this point.